Anura tells MR how to save Yoshitha


We ask Mr. Rajapaksa to explain how Rs. 234 million was funded to launch the CSN channel and save his son Yoshptha, says JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake.
Speaking at a media briefing yesterday (03), the JVP leader said, “If it cannot be said how the money was earned and if the money is not from Mahinda’s or Yoshitha’s salaries or from the income of Medamulana Walauwwa, it should be money from the Treasury. Then it is public money. Why shouldn’t those who robbed public money be punished?.”
“According to Money Laundering Act this money could be taken over. Several more investigations are linked to this deal. Presidential Secretariat has paid money for the building of CSN and its staff. Hence, they have misused public assets. As such, investigations could go forward under Public Property Act as well. Also the TV channel has used equipment owned by the state; in importing goods it has cheated Customs. Hence, there are more than enough reasons to take investigations forward. As such, Rajapaksas need not cry, moan or lean against walls,” he added.
“The JVP would never give up the struggle to take over public assets robbed by fraudsters. This is an issue regarding assets of our people in this country,” he further said.

Source From lankafoxnews
Author: LankaFox News

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